2021 rookie camp registration

WE ARE GOING TO GET STARTED JUNE 5th. We will give more details for rookie camps, spring camp, and training camp as we get a better handle on health restrictions, return to play protocol, and vaccination rates.

All camps will be held at our facility at the St Vital Mustangs facility. We strongly encourage you to get vaccinated as soon as you can. Manitoba Health issued a statement on May 5th that all adults 18 and over will be able to book a vaccination by May 21st.

We will be following the regulations from Manitoba Health, Saskatchewan and Alberta (as these are the provinces we play in). We will also be following the return to play protocol of Football Manitoba.

This gives you 4 weeks to keep training, or for a lot of you to get in shape! Players in shape will dominate, those not in shape, will not make our team, travel or start, simply because they will not be in good enough shape to compete at a high level. If you haven’t been training start jogging, do push-ups, sit-ups, go to a gym get MOVING! It is not too late! Start eating better and start moving! You are ELITE athletes please ensure you are in ELITE shape for June 5! There is going to be a season! Get off the couch and start pushing yourself to be in the best possible shape you can be in for June 5th. Are you going to be ready to compete?

Let’s Go! Rifle Up!
Coach Wilson.

Download the PFC schedule here: