Statement regarding 2020 season

WINNIPEG (6 August 2020) — Through guidance from government and public health officials and consultation with the Prairie Football Conference and the Canadian Junior Football League, the Winnipeg Rifles have decided that we will not compete on the gridiron this season. The safety challenges created by COVID-19 place our football athletes, coaches and staff at an unacceptable level of risk this summer and fall.

With careful and thorough consideration, this decision has been made with the best interests of the health, safety, and well-being of our team. We remain united and strive to use the remainder of 2020 in preparation towards a Canadian Bowl championship in the 2021 CJFL season.


Please send all media requests directly to: Geordie Wilson, Winnipeg Rifles Head Coach, 204-792-1379,

Twitter / Facebook / Instagram… @RiflesFootball

Darrin Bauming, Rifles communications manager, 204-299-9903,


Do You Want to Be a Winnipeg Rifle?

This camp is for players between the ages of 17-22 who have never played for us. You must attend our Rookie Camp March 14 and 15 at the U of M indoor soccer complex in order to make our team. Follow the registration link to register for camp.

This camp will be in full equipment (what you would where in a game).  Please ask your high school coach for equipment for the camp

The cost for the rookie camp is $125. For your registration fee you get a practice jersey to keep, the rookie camp, mini camp in April and Spring amp and spring game vs St John’s University Division 3 NCAA Cschool from Minnesota on May 9th should you get to this point.

These camps are competitive and used to decide our roster for the Spring game and our season. The $125 covers all this provided you move forward with our team.

If you have any questions please email Coach Wilson.

Bomber Rifle Partnership

The Bombers and Rifles have never had a closer partnership then they have now.  Thanks to the great support from CEO Wade Miller and GM Kyle Walters, your Winnipeg Rifles will now have their offseason training program at the Bombers weight rooms, run by their head therapist and strength coach Al Couture and his assistant Braiden Miller and Glen Bruce will be the teams speed coach.  The Rifles will be training as a team 3 times a week under their leadership and guidance.  The team will be meeting in the Bombers meeting room January 16 at 6:30 to lay out their offseason plan.  The players will be supplied free of charge supplements from Bodylogix and Kaizan Natural supplements before and after each training session.  These are completely natural certified supplements.  With the great facilities, the Rifles are training in and under the great guidance of the Bombers staff the sky is the limit!  The first training session is Monday January 20th. Rifle Up!

Rifles Support The Canadian Cancer Society

THE RIFLES FOOTBALL ORGANIZATION strives each year to make a difference in our volunteering and supporting various organizations. In addition to Sam’s Christmas, Inclusion Winnipeg, Winnipeg Pride, we will also be supporting the Canadian Cancer Society this year. The Canadian Cancer Society works to benefit everyone in Manitoba living with cancer. They demonstrate every day that life is bigger than cancer.

Thanks to supporters, last year they were able to provide direct support to 180,758 Manitobans living with cancer and their families. For over 80 years they have led Canada’s research efforts investing more funds into more forms of cancer than any other charity. In Manitoba that has translated into 32 grants and awards worth over $5.3 million over the last 5 years sustaining the life-saving work of 112 researchers and grad students. They have also helped bring 43 different clinical trials to the province and provided $670,000 to help Manitoba cancer patients get access to the latest breakthroughs.

They have also supported community-based support programs to help reduce the stress of cancer. They are best known for Wheels of Hope transportation service, which provides cancer patients in over 150 communities in Manitoba with over 27,000, rides to and from treatment annually. They also support breast cancer patients who need a prosthesis\ after surgery or cancer patients who need wigs having gone through chemotherapy. The Peer Match program pairs people who have experience with cancer with someone who have just been diagnosed. These trained volunteers listen, offer encouragement and share ideas for coping.

They continue to be the most trusted source of cancer information and their web site allows anyone in Manitoba to go to, type in their city or town and find the nearest cancer-related service. The Community Services Locator is a directory of more than 4,000 services to help find emotional support programs, homecare and many other practical services cancer patients need.

With the number of new cancer cases expected to rise by over 40% by 2030 they need your help more than ever.

Please help the Rifles support Canadian Cancer Society. You can do this by a direct donation; at the opening game, or online and by spreading the word about the great work the Canadian Cancer Society does. Together we can continue to show the world that Manitoba is bigger than cancer.